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Tipping in Baccarat Games

Even those who have never played in a casino know that tipping, while not required, is often expected especially if players win. However, what about in Baccarat? Is the rule also applicable there?

This question is often asked by new players because of the nature of the game. Baccarat, has earned a well deserved reputation for being the high roller's choice. What concerns gambling novices is that tipping the dealer might be looked upon as something of an insult.

The truth is that tipping in Baccarat will not insult the dealer. Even though the game is high class, the dealers there make the same kind of money as those of any other dealer in any other game. In fact, if you're a high roller and have just won, it would only be appropriate to tip.

The rule also holds in Mini Baccarat, the point being that it is not the size of the tips that matter, but that you do so. It should be emphasized though, that if you are playing at a full table, you shouldn't expect to get any favors from the dealer.

If you're going to be tipping in Baccarat it has to be for the right reason, namely that the game was played smoothly and that the dealer was very professional. Nevertheless, some casino gamers say that if you are playing alone against the dealer, you can expect a few "mistakes" on their part that will favor you, especially if you have a reputation for being a generous and consistent tipper.

As for the actual process of tipping, it follows that of any other card game. You can leave a few chips on the table, or if the session is finished, you can just hand the money over. If the game was handled well, it also won't hurt to issue a compliment. Just say "good job" or something to that effect. For someone who has been working hard (and dealers have difficult jobs) that can be a real morale booster.

If you don't want to tip at all, you can play online Baccarat, but to avoid going to the casino just to get away from handing some token amount to a dealer is unnecessary. The truth is that handing out a tip, no matter what the amount, is actually considered to be part of the entire playing experience.

Baccarat is regarded by many as a game fit only for first class acts. By showing your appreciation for the dealers and callers by way of tipping, you prove that you are indeed a grade A, first class individual, someone truly made to play the game.

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