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Live Casino Baccarat: Playing with a Real Dealer

Live casino baccarat brings a better gambling experience than virtual simulation baccarat because here everything happens in real time, in a real place, using real game equipment, and involves real people.

Live casino baccarat happens in real time inside a real casino. Here, a dealer dictates or determines the proceedings and speed of the game. In virtual baccarat, the system has to wait for you to press the "Deal" button before it starts the dealing of cards.

In live casino baccarat, you are sitting in front of your pc or your laptop. You may be sitting inside your home, an internet café, inside a deli or coffee shop. Still the dealing of cards takes place within a real casino. You will also find other baccarat players around a table, and you'd even hear talks around the table. Live casino baccarat uses video feeds and this is how you are able to view the actions.

Of course, the dealer uses real cards and spread them on a real table. In real casino baccarat, though, the dealer follows mini baccarat rules in dealing of cards. That is, the cards are dealt face up so internet-based players would be bale to see the cards right away. Still live casino baccarat uses a shoe containing between 6 - 8 decks of cards.

One of the advantages of playing live casino baccarat is that you can choose from a list of available tables. There are tables with varying bet limits and manned by different players. Bet limits per table vary from small to high. Thus, there's a table to suit every wagering bankroll size. There's a $1/$10 table, a $5/$50 table, and the like. Just click on the table and you will be seated at the table of your choice.

When your game screen opens, you'd find a video screen showing the dealer, the baccarat table, a shoe, a commission box, as well as a shot of the players seated physically around the baccarat table. On one side of the game screen, however, you will find chips, current balance box, total bet box, and more.

The aim of live casino baccarat is to bring total casino experience without you having to be actually and physically present in a casino. More than a simulation baccarat, live casino baccarat lets you participate in real casino action from anywhere you might be. So step inside a real casino and not just a virtual semblance of it--- play inside live casino baccarat!

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